Group Purchasing Power

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce continually seeks ways to maximize membership benefits and to assist our members in successful business operations.

Cooperative relationships have been established with the following companies.These business cooperative operations (co-ops) allow our members to take advantage of group savings when seeking applicable products or services. Even the smallest of companies can purchase as if they were a large corporation once you sign up for membership with the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and enroll in each program. There is power in purchasing as a group!

Infinitech - Smarter Payment Processing

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Infintech to offer an exclusive member benefit program to bring members much lower rates through combined group buying power. With lower fees across the board, members get savings that maximize their profits.

The power of the program allows participating Pasadena Chamber of Commerce members to have access to lower fees by utilizing Infintech's Cost-Plus Pricing. This transparent group pricing model will expose the true costs of processing electronic payments, thus eliminating the potential for after-the-fact rate increases by the processor. The processing rate you are offered through this program will remain the same for the duration of your Pasadena Chamber of Commerce membership.

The program features pre-negotiated rates, no unjustified cost increases, no long-term contracts or cancellation penalties, dedicated live customer service, and discounts on ancillary products and services.

How much can YOU save?  Find out more here.

If you prefer to talk to the Pasadena Chamber's Representative directly, please contact:
Will Watson