Even if a person doesn't live or work here in Pasadena, it is almost certain that they have heard of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. We receive calls on a daily basis from those planning to visit or relocate to our area. Your Chamber staff prides itself on keeping up with happenings in Pasadena and our capability to answer any and all questions about this great city.

Pasadena is routinely recognized on a state, national and even international level for its accomplishments.  Milestones in Pasadena have been highlighted in local news, as well as major publications.  The City of Pasadena has been praised by high-ranking officials, including the Vice President of the United States.  To sum it up...Pasadena has made a mark on our national map!

By the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the City of Pasadena working together, we build and support the entire community. That is what drives us here at the Chamber. We pride ourselves on being the leading, local advocate for all businesses in Pasadena and its surrounding communities. Our members range from small, family-owned businesses to world leaders in industry. Regardless of size or the type of industry a business supports, all members share a common goal with us. The Chamber's philosophy isn't mere words; it spells out our mission:  "To promote economic development and community growth to ensure the prosperity of Pasadena's businesses and citizens."

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