Chamber FAQ's

Q. What kinds of businesses and organizations join the Chamber?
A: Any business that is looking to grow, network or contribute their time and effort into the community of Pasadena. The Chamber is here to be a resource and fosters economic, business and cultural growth in our area.
Q. Why should I join your Chamber if my business is not in Pasadena?
A: A business can never have too much exposure. The Houston-Metropolitan area is projected to be at 7.4 million residents by 2020. Currently, there are over 6.3 million residents in the Houston Metro with 2.6 million of them commuting to and from work with their commute lasting a mean time of 29.1 minutes. This amount of commuting, and the time spent doing so, are clear indicators that markets within the Houston-Metro constantly interact with one another. Research indicates one community never goes a day without someone from another community spending time to shop locally while visiting. Exposure within any community in the Houston-Metro area is exposure that goes far beyond your city limits.
Q. Who can become a member of the Pasadena Chamber?
A: Any business, entity or organization. Our Chamber members range from elected officials and non-profit organizations to small businesses and international corporations. The Chamber is here to facilitate as much interaction between those actively investing their time and money in our community as possible.
Q. How do I join?
A: Fill out an online form, come by our office located at 4334 Fairmont Parkway and fill out a membership application. 
Q. Is my Chamber membership tax deductible?
A: Yes and no. Contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes; however, your Chamber investment is 95% deductible as a business expense.
Q. How much does it cost to become a member?
A: There are four Membership Investment Levels offered. The price for Non-Profit organizations is a single level and separate from the pricing of For-Profit businesses. Our payment structure is meant to be flexible in order to accommodate our diverse membership needs. Each level of membership can be paid one of four ways: monthly (our most flexible), quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Our services are meant to help every member thrive. Our levels and payment options prove that we are here to work with you and for you.

Q. What does my Pasadena Chamber of Commerce membership investment offer the community?

A.  At the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, 50% of our income comes from membership dues. The remaining 50% is brought to us by event sponsorships. When you invest in our Chamber, you invest in the following:

$10,000                 Pasadena Independent School District Education Foundation

$ 4,000                  Student scholarships to those attending San Jacinto College or Texas Chiropractic College

$10,000                 Playgrounds at selected, local elementary schools OR to provide a walking course at a local middle school

Have additional questions?  Contact our office for answers:  281-487-7871