“Being a part of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has been vital for Bayshore Medical Center since we first began caring for patients in 1962.  Having joined the Pasadena Chamber, the same year, we have received tremendous support and opportunities from the Chamber and our membership has helped us develop relationships with other businesses in the Pasadena community for the past 54 years. The dedicated Chamber staff is always there to support Bayshore Medical Center and make a difference with the various events they organize throughout the year, they really standby their mission in helping “promote economic development and community growth to ensure the prosperity of Pasadena’s businesses and citizens.” We are honored to be a part of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce which makes Pasadena a great place to live, work and do business.”

Anum Arif 
Anum Arif

Director of Community and Public Relations

Bayshore Medical Center


"Being a part of the Pasadena Chamber has given our company a platform to not only connect with other businesses in the community but has given us the opportunity to make friends and to fellowship with those who share a love for our city. Pasadena is not only the place where we have done business since 1968, but it's our home, and with the services the Chamber offers to businesses like us, helps to make our city, our home a better place."


LaTonya Ross
Account Manager

Meador Staffing Services 

My name is Carol Bell and I am an active member of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.  My company Air Value Inc. has benefited immensely from our membership with the Pasadena Chamber mainly due to the support and networking opportunities that come with the community involvement.  The Chamber is an awesome tool for any company to use as the level of exposure is great and the commitment to the community through all the members and dedicated staff is second to none.




Carol Bell

Air-Value, Inc.



Making our community a better place is why I serve the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. As a nonprofit director for Project Joy and Hope, I appreciate the opportunity to be the hands and feet that serve seriously ill children and their families in our community. Through my association with Bayshore Towers, I am also able to touch the senior population. Growing up in Pasadena, I have always known what an amazing city we have, comprised of some of the most remarkable individuals and business leaders in Texas. As a Chamber board member, I have formed new friendships and have had the opportunity to interact with many great business leaders. I consider it a privilege to help our Chamber grow and expand its membership as we welcome new businesses and impact our community through its activities. Beginning a fourth year of service, I look forward to my role as a member of the Chamber Executive Committee and will represent the entire community in good faith, always expecting God’s very best. 

Shelley Fuller
Project Joy and Hope

I have been involved with Miles AC service corporation for over 15 years. I was honored to take on the role as general manager, for Bobby and Judy, in 2011 . During that time I have always known the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce to excel in community support and involvement. Becoming involved with the Chamber has been a great way for me to learn about the history and the people of Pasadena. Now, as I serve on the executive committee, I see how instrumental the chamber is in supporting businesses and residences of Pasadena, and in promoting growth and change in the community. I have met many wonderful people and made lifelong friends there. I can't think of a better way to serve the community of Pasadena. I am honored to be involved with a great folks at the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.


Kevin T. Jeter

Vice President/General Manager

Miles Service Corporation




The Pasadena Chamber crew has incredible leadership and from me and my team at TES, I just want to tell you how thankful we are for all of your help with introductions, referrals and invitations to committee meetings and events.


We love being members and representing Pasadena.  Thank you again!  

Stacey Kerek

Business Development Manager

Trusted Employment Solutions