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  • Headstone Restoration

    Offer Valid: 08/05/2023 - 08/01/2026

    The cemetery has four handmade headstones made by the deceased's loved one in the early 1900's. They have fallen from the elements and vandalism. They are quite unique so we're going to get them rebuilt for the future stewards of the cemetery and her visitors. 

    Out of our league and to keep the integrity of the headstones we need a professional brick mason to rebuild them to last, who knows where to get matching bricks, best mortar, match patterns, etc. We don't have the money to start writing checks due to the cemetery's regular maintenance costs. That's why we are asking the interested community to lend a hand or make a monetary donation specifically to rebuild these once beautiful headstones.

    Our last estimate was about $2000 to repair one. Once we fulfill the current campaign we'll rinse and repeat moving on to the next fallen headstone.

    Feel free to visit our restoration page HERE. We've built a small virtual 360 map of the 4 fallen headstones.

    We feel rebuilding these precious stones will bring back the nostalgia of Crown Hill and the remembrance of Pasadena early times for future generations to come.


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