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  • Texas Pythian Home for Children

    Offer Valid: 10/05/2023 - 10/05/2023

    The Texas Pythian Home for children is called the ‘Castle on the Hill’.  It was built with the architecture style of a castle due to the  sponsorship of the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal order established  during the Civil War. The Pythians put their motto of Friendship,  Charity and Benevolence into practice and established the Pythian Home  in 1909. The Pythian Home is licensed by the Texas Department of Family  & Protective Services as a basic child care facility for sixty-two  children. This license requires certain standards to be maintained at  all times.  A licensing representative makes official visits to the Home  to insure standards are met. We do not handle adoptions. 


    We accept children ages three to fourteen. The children may remain in  residence as long as they are in school. This includes college,  vocational, or trade school.  We have specific criteria that must be met  for placement of a child. The managing conservator is the only person  able to place or withdraw a child. The children can come from anywhere  in the state of Texas.  At one time, a Pythian connection was required  for placement.  Now a child can be placed by meeting the criteria. All  of the children placed in our care have families that remain a part of  their lives while the family works to have the children return home.  

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