• City Council District E Candidates

  • There are two individuals running for the City of Pasadena District E City Council position, with one seat available.  Please see below for information on these candidates listed in alphabetical order.
  • Jonathan Estrada (Incumbent) Jonathan Estrada (Incumbent)

    Jonathan Estrada

    Phone: 281-740-0345
    @Estradaforpasadena Instagram: @Estradaforpasadena
    Website: estradaforpasadena.com

    Why are you running for city council?

    I am running for re-election for Pasadena City Council District E. In less than two years, we have allocated nearly 20 million dollars in infrastructure, giving city workers and first responders a cost-of-living increase in wages and giving our first responders the tools, they need to keep our communities safe. I am proud to be supported and endorsed by the Pasadena Police Officers Union. But there is still more work ahead of us; we are building stronger neighborhoods, supporting working families, and keeping our families safe. I am the most prepared, qualified, and experienced person to keep doing the critical work on the city council for District E. 

    Each council district is comprised of thousands of people who live and work in Pasadena.  What qualifications, job training and/or volunteer experiences prepare you to serve as the representative of your district?

    I have worked for the City of Houston for nine years, rising to Senior Plan Analyst. That experience gives me the ability to understand how municipal government works best. I am a proud product of the Pasadena ISD public schools, attending Sparks Elementary, San Jacinto Intermediate, and Sam Rayburn High School. I was the first to attend and graduate college in my family from San Jacinto College and the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Public Service Leadership, and for the past nearly two years, it has been an honor of my life to serve the people of the city that I love on the City Council. 

    What are your top three priorities in serving the city of Pasadena, and one thing you want to advocate for specifically on behalf of your district?

    Infrastructure and Public Safety remain at the top of the list of priorities. I will continue to identify areas that need improvement and explore innovative solutions for a first-class infrastructure and keeping our communities safe, which is why I have the support and endorsement of the Pasadena Police Officers. In addition, I proudly support our small local business. I would like to see the city keep moving forward in a creative direction to make it easier for companies to open their business in our city. 

    Attracting new business and retaining existing businesses is vital to the success of a community.  Business owners and industry partners large and small are faced with daily challenges - regulations, fees, permitting, workforce challenges and access to information and resources. What do you think needs to be done to support and grow existing businesses and to attract new businesses to choose Pasadena?

    In my eleven years of municipal experience, I have direct experience understanding how the permitting and plan review process works. Therefore, one critical solution is going online with the permitting process. It will enhance and streamline our process and make it more convenient for businesses to open their doors in Pasadena. We need to amend the parking ordinance to one that is more realistic, innovative, and practical, yet in compliance. These approaches will help local small and family companies bring revenue to the city and keep families working. 

    Our city is mostly developed, and in order to grow, will have to begin to redevelop.  How would you facilitate redevelopment?  What tools (TIRZ, chapter 380 agreements, municipal bonds, livable community funding, management districts, grants) would you support to assist with redevelopment?

    I would support innovative solutions that would bring first-class development and redevelopment to our city while simultaneously making it possible for families and businesses. In addition, I support historic preservation that will keep past generations alive. Finally, I would support municipal bonds and livable community funding, focusing primarily on areas north of Spencer Hwy. 

    “Pasadena Loves Local” is an initiative focused on supporting local business and encouraging all citizens to choose local to benefit our community. In your opinion, what can be done to improve the quality of life in Pasadena so that it is a great place for people to choose Pasadena to live, work, play and shop?

    I would support initiatives that would help small businesses in our community. Partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce can be an excellent opportunity to continue supporting locals. Having more market shops and places where small businesses can sell their goods can create a chance to generate tax revenue and keep businesses thriving. As mentioned, making it possible for small business to open their doors is the first step. 

  • Melissa Cruz Reyes Melissa Cruz Reyes

    Melissa Cruz Reyes

    *Ms. Cruz Reyes was invited to participate in the questionnaire portion of Meet the Candidates, but declined the invitation to participate.