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  • Growing Leaders For Greater IMPACT

    IMPACT Pasadena is a transformative professional leadership experience for Pasadena's business and community leaders.

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  • IMPACT Pasadena is a transformative professional leadership experience for Pasadena’s business and community leaders created in Partnership by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the Pasadena Economic Development Corporation. The program’s pillars include leadership, government, economic, community and collective. The program centers around these five pillars by educating participants on economic, social and governmental forces that shape the community. By equipping and empowering participants with interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills for professional and personal growth and application, the program strives to motivate and encourage participants to engage in civic leadership roles in the community.

    IMPACT Pasadena will:

    • Equip and empower participants with interpersonal and leadership training skills for professional and personal growth and application.
    • Enhance communication skills, public speaking training, and presentation opportunities.
    • Introduce participants to prominent and proven community leaders locally throughout the year and with legislators in Austin during session.
    • Match every participant with an elite business or community mentor.
    • Educate participants on economic, social, and governmental forces that shape the community.
    • Bring participants together to address real issues impacting Pasadena that will help move our community forward together.
    • Motivate and encourage participants to engage in civic leadership roles in the community.
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  • The Success of IMPACT Pasadena

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  • Breakthrough Achievements in IMPACT Pasadena

    52 Graduates & Counting

    • Since its launch in 2019, a total of 52 individuals have graduated

    Community Service

    • 22 have served on several non-profit and community boards in Pasadena and region

    New Businesses

    • 8 have opened new businesses or expanded their business

    Professional Development

    • 7 have started or completed graduate programs or earned workforce credentials

    Empowering Achievements

    • 15 have received promotions and one wrote and published two books

    Government Leadership

    • 2 have run or been elected to public office
    • 15 have engaged in campaigns or engaged in government relations activities and meetings


    • 25 have been asked to serve on various efforts to support City of Pasadena committees or appointed roles among economic development, community relations and strategic planning initiatives

    Since Graduating From IMPACT Pasadena.....

    Community Involvement

    • 75% of participants have held volunteer leadership roles in community organizations
    • 86% of participants have held leadership positions within their workplace or industry
    • 70% of graduates are giving back through mentorship or coaching roles for other aspiring leaders
    • 81% of participants have been invited to speaking engagements or presentations
    • 92% of graduates are leading projects within their organizations
    • 80% of participants attribute IMPACT Pasadena directly for their community engagement


    • 100% of respondents say IMPACT Pasadena advanced their partnerships professionally

    Economic Impact

    • 61% of respondents say their business has grown as a result of relationships and/or introductions from IMPACT Pasadena

    Sustained Engagement

    • 88% of graduates are current residents, property owners or employed within Pasadena and currently engaged in the community
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  • 2023 IMPACT Pasadena Cohort
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  • 2020 IMPACT Pasadena Graduates
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  • 2022 IMPACT Pasadena Cohort
    Pictured with mentors

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    • 2019 IMPACT Pasadena Cohort
      Pictured with mentors
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    CLICK HERE to apply for the 2025 IMPACT Pasadena Cohort!

    Questions about applying for or sponsoring IMPACT Pasadena?  Please contact Alyssa Ramirez at 281-487-7871 or Alyssa@pasadenachamber.org

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