• Community Planning

  • City of Pasadena Strategic Plan

    Share your input for the city wide Strategic Plan for the future of Pasadena. Add you comments on CoUrbanize:  https://courbanize.com/pasadenatx

    Livable Centers Study

    The community survey results have been tabulated here, the input from the community meeting has been codified, and the focus group meetings have been conducted. Based on these the analysis and the community/steering committee input, a list of needs and recommendations to address those needs is forthcoming.

    Pasadena Healthy Parks Plan


    Check out the Community Engagement Phase 2 results here!

    Precinct 2 Parks & Trails Plan

    Community input is a vital part of the planning process and Harris County Precinct 2 would love to hear from residents, especially those who are often left out of the planning process.  Learn more about the project at https://www.pct2parksandtrails.com

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