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    Crown Hill Cemetery is Pasadena's 1st cemetery registered with the Texas Historical Commission. It's a little known cemetery but the resting place of the City's founders, veterans as far back as the Civil War and likely unknown soldiers from both sides of the final battle of the Texas Revolution.


    The cemetery doesn't have perpetual care. A nonprofit board, Crown Hill Cemetery Association, was formed to try and keep the cemetery's weekly maintenance up to date in order to never forget this important part of Pasadena's history. 


    To keep the cemetery in the public's interests, the association holds several ceremonies and events yearly: Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Wreaths Across America, and its popular event Voices of the Past.


    For the volunteers it's a labor of love that requires big money to maintain. Forethinking how to keep the cemetery propped up far beyond their time. Restoring, upgrading and innovating for future generations to learn or just a peaceful place to sit.

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