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  • Sometimes, a little help goes a long way.  We are all experiencing life a little differently right now, but if there is one thing I know for sure, we live in the greatest city on the planet, filled with a community of people who truly love one another and are first to step up when others are in need.  

    Back when COVID-19 first spiraled into our lives and threatened our livlihoods and jobs, I think its safe to say we all felt a little uneasy about what this may do to our future.  The phone rang at the Pasadena Chamber one day, and a friendly, familiar voice was on the other line.  He said that he had been “noticing a certain member (Jeffrey Reich-Hale with Jelvin’s Candy Shoppe) who had really stepped up during these trying times and was putting other peoples needs ahead of his own.”  He wanted to do something to show Jeffrey some love and compassion and came up with the idea to pay Jeffrey’s Chamber membership dues for the entire year.  We were so excited to call Jeffrey on Zoom and present him with the great news.  

    This one phone call led to three other members (who wish to remain anonymous) that wanted to pay the membership dues for five other members; Strawberry Festival, Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo, Simple Greek Pasadena, Art Park Players and Pasadena Little Theatre.
    The staff at the Pasadena Chamber deemed this initiative “Members Helping Members” and we set off with a camera in hand to surprise a few of these members with the good news.   

    Watch the video surprises on the left.

    If you are interested in "surprising" another member for our Members Helping Members Campaign, please CLICK HERE to let us know.

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